Blow-Your-Mind Microwave Popcorn

I mean really. Why didn’t I know this? Was I hiding under a rock? Stuck in a foreign country without microwaves? Where was I when some genius invented popcorn popped in the microwave, without the use of a bag?

It’s genius really. Simple, simple genius.

Glass bowl + ceramic plate + popcorn kernels = perfectly popped popcorn in the microwave.

No bag. No butter or oil. Nothing to throw away afterward. And even no un-popped kernels.

This is life-changing.

Stay with me now.

Take 1/4 cup of dry popcorn kernels and place in the bottom of a microwave-safe glass bowl (pyrex is a great choice). Place a microwave-safe plate on top of the bowl. Plate should be wide enough to go beyond the rim of the bowl.

Microwave for 2 minutes 45 seconds. Watch in glory as your popcorn pops perfectly into little puffs of heaven.

You’re in shock, right? Having a moment.

That was your moment. I gave it to you. You’re welcome.

So go get some simple popcorn kernels (Trader Joe’s now has bags for like a dollar!) and start popping.

New. Best. Thing. Ever.

My mind is blown.

NOTES: Bowl and plate will be VERY VERY hot when time is up. Use a pot holder or napkin to remove from microwave. The steam? The steam’s just there making sure your popcorn popped to its full potential. Just remove the plate immediately after the timer ends so your popcorn doesn’t take a steam bath and get soggy.

Also, you can re-microwave any unpopped kernels! Yeah, that’s right. Remove all of the popped (or semi-popped) kernels and put the unpopped ones back in again, same method. No waste and nothing to throw away!

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